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26-Nov-2020 17:06:11

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20-Jun-2024 09:47:21

Actually YT had the ep ready for streaming in US.
Most streaming services.have it available. I listened to it in Tidal.

I don’t believe this has been or will be available on any other format.

Years ago, I think White Light, Home and Jupiter were not released in CD or record
formats in US. I did get a Cd of White Light from invaluable “Discogs” site and an amazing 180 gram
vinyl edition of “Forgotten” via Amazon US as an import.

The move to streaming will eliminate most if not all problems with vinyl and CD distribution.
I doubt this Christmas EP by Andrea will be released in any format other than streaming.
So US had same access from the git go.

Live is something else all together p, I had to travel to Scotland to see a band I love in concert.
That’s another story!

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