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White Light was released five years ago today
27-Nov-2020 09:31:17

CorrsClub Time:
21-Feb-2024 10:30:27

Has it been five years already? WL has four of my all-time Corrs favorites: Bring on the Night, Stay, Ellis Island, and Harmony -- the latter two being among my very favorites. It also has a few songs I don't particularly care for, such as Gerry's Reel, Catch Me When I Fall, Unconditional, and Strange Romance. Overall I find WL and IB to be their most uneven albums, but I still have a soft spot in my heart for WL because it was the first new music I ever heard from the band. I became a fan in 2013, so for me the band was a part of the past; I was always looking backwards at their old songs. I didn't expect them to reunite and make new music, so I remember how exciting it was to see photos of them in the studio on twitter, and to hear snippets of their new songs as they came out. I'm so glad they came back and left us the brilliant songs on this album.

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