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I share the frustration that Séan expresses.
27-Nov-2020 22:25:25

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20-Jun-2024 09:19:28

I agree with everyone that Andrea's new music is something to celebrate - an unexpected pleasant surprise at the end of a difficult year. But, as of now, I have found no way to actually purchase her new Christmas songs.

No doubt, Corrs fans from the rest of the world are probably getting tired of hearing us Americans whine about being left out when the rest of the world gets new releases from the Corrs.

Streaming is just not good enough for me. I want to purchase music for my own music collection, even if only in digital format. I don't want any corporation acting as a gatekeeper to my music, especially any corporation that make loads of money but fails to fairly compensate the actual creators of the music. I was able to listen to Andrea's songs at YouTube, and I did enjoy them but, before every song, I had to put up with watching 30 seconds of some dude talk about his powerful secrets of diet and physical fitness.

As I see it, digital formats cause MORE, not less, problems than physical formats due to the existence of the hated "geo-block." It's a crying shame that Apple doesn't allow an iTunes user to purchase music offered at the iTunes site of a different country.

At least with physical formats, if some album never gets released in one's own country (as, for example, White Light and Jupiter Calling never were released in the U.S.) one can still purchase it from an overseas seller or as an import.

With digital releases, a geo-block can be a lamentable and permanent blockade to purchasing music. This is the sad (for me) case of Sharon's demo version of "Goodbye." As I recall, this track was an iTunes exclusive, but it was never made available at U.S. iTunes, so I never was able to get it legally. I still feel a bit bitter when I think about it. Here I am, a big fan of Sharon and the Corrs - and an avid customer ready and willing to put down my money for her music - yet I am prevented these past 14 years from doing so as a result of what seem to be inexplicable, nonsensical, artificial barriers. I do understand that there may exist legal, contractual reasons behind this horrible creation of the geo-block, but it continues to plague fans of the Corrs in the States. As long as it does, you'll likely hear us whining a little. I completely understand and sympathize with how Séan feels.

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