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I feel your pain but....
28-Nov-2020 06:11:55

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To oversimplify things, the Corrs are released on East West Recods UK a subsidiary of Warner.(Atlantic).
Their initial records were on Lava Records (sub of Atlantic and Warner). Lava was a label run by the guy who
“discovered” ...really signed them. Jason Flom. East West UK has an interesting story and lineup.
Anyway, the music business can be incredibly complicated. For example, a favorite band of mine, Scotland’s “Texas”
was on Mercury Records and when Mercury was bought by EMI the president of Mercury US refused to release their records here.
Ok the Goodbye demo was part of a EP remix not released in the US. Distribution is often
complicated with different companies and distribution deals involved. There were some
special Corrs releases on CD with DVD’s in Spain only (a topic on some other site).

For CD’s and vinyl often you can purchase via the group’s web site or merch site etc. also
sites like Discogs. can be invaluable. They have a pretty massive collection of all sort of Corrs releases.

Now to your problem. I too like to maintain a “library”. Streaming is actually a blessing. I do not believe Andrea’s
Christmas effort is available anywhere on any format other than streaming. Apple doesn’t sell records and Cd’s.

Andrea’s ep was available here in the states almost immediately on world wide release via numerous streaming services.
You can stream purchased music (Apple music for eg) and down load it to your hard drive. There are also programs (free) that enable you to download the music from You Tube and store it on your hard drive or a music player. With no advertising.
They will also allow you to convert it to lossless high Rez versions,
I have some of their live music from Concerts in my music player.

CD’s are on the way out.
Records will still be around (thankfully) but to get latest releases in a timely manner you will have to stream.
Hope this helps.

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