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I think I have fugured it out (maybe)
30-Nov-2020 16:12:49

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21-Feb-2024 10:43:02

I think the old iTunes is going away in favor of Apple Music.
The Christmas EP was/is available to either stream OR download
in Apple Music. The catch? You have to sign up for Apple Music.

I believe iTunes has become a music organizing and playing program.
I downloaded the music to iTunes. It resides in my library.

Because my player is Android based I will need to transfer the music via a program for that.
I will also run the music through another program that will convert it from
MP3 to a more high Rez format. I use aiff.

I think all the services, including You Tube had Andrea’s EP world wide within a day or so
of its release. The issue is stream vs download. Likely handled differently by each service.

CD’s are clearly going away. Records continue to thrive but streaming is the future. If you want
to “own” a piece of music, you will need to stream it to a drive and store it there.

If I am incorrect in any of this, please help me out.

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