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This is such a lovely and unique song. The chorus is from a Christmas hymn...
02-Dec-2020 19:58:45

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21-May-2024 10:43:47

The lyrics are: “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, let nothing you dismay”

My interpretation is this is a song about those family holiday celebrations after loved ones have passed. The idea that when someone who was so important to your understanding and experience of the holiday is gone, it is like starting over. The holiday traditions continue without them and new traditions are started. Their loss is felt especially during times that were so imprinted with their presence. Yet you try your best to be joyful for yourself and your family as that is what the holiday is meant to be about. I take the celestial references to her father who was interested in the stars and astronomy. And, of course, this being a Christmas song, the celestial connections to Christmas.

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