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13-Dec-2020 05:50:26

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21-Feb-2024 10:42:07

I agree with your observation about Andrea’s “never just singing a song.” Also she is able to bring power and delicacy.
I always come back to her nuance in phrasing.
The “breathy” part is interesting. Some singers are just breathy. Adele can be very breathy for example.
In Andrea’s case she is almost always “on mic” singing directly into it and close whether holding it or standing before it.
Many singers will move either their head or the mic to the side between lines.

Also some breathe through the nose vs their mouth reducing the sound of taking in air.
Sharleen Spiteri is great at incorporating a number of techniques. She is I suspect, a naturally
“quiet breather”. She also often sings slightly to the side of the mic.

It should be noted Adele and Sharleen have huge voices and great power while Andrea is less of a powerhouse vocalist. I do wonder how Andrea approaches singing and individual songs. She has a gift for “reading” and interpreting a lyric and she

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