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13-Dec-2020 20:09:26

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The great thing about these efforts is you often are introduced to new artists and music.
I hadn’t any familiarity with the other performers.
I would say all are interesting and their work is well worth exploring. With help from search engines
You Tube and Tidal I found hours worth further exploration.
That said, what I found was mostly more interesting than the performances here.

McMorrow does have a rather unique reedy sound. His solo work is very interesting
He is skilled at engineering and production and writes interesting music. I feel he is a bit overmatched by the material here.

Remember, these songs as performed by Lennon are cemented in our heads and I think performing them as showcased here
is a.challenge for any performer. What do you do with these masterpieces of pop culture.

O’Ruark from now defunct band “Little Green Cars” goes all out “Broadway” musical here. She has the voice for it. Like she’s channeling Sarah Brightman. However, I liked “Little Green Cars” a lot. Some really good song writing and she’s joined by a guy who sounds like a terrific Neil Young. Very Indy (a tad like The New Pornographers). Wonderful harmonies.

O’Maonlai does the expected given his work with “Hothouse Flowers” (vaguely familiar with them). Didn’t know My Bloody Valentine was a spin-off. Anyway, nice listening to Hothouse Flowers. Liam is pretty daring and very dramatic here an off kilter Lennon interpretation.

Mr Fish (Gerard Whalen and Mudbug Club) seems to go the other way and plays it straight. Very faithful to Lennon. Very fine voice but just solid renditions here. I prefer Brian Ferry’s “Jealous Guy.

Finally, Andrea. She does what she does so well. Stays true to the song but puts just enough of herself in to make it something unique. At the end of her performance, she appears loveably awkward as if she isn’t sure what to do. Some reassuring applause from orchestra reminded me of the video (on YT) of her singing “Blue Bayou” after a beautiful performance of a difficult classic she lets out a sigh “ohhh” as if she is coming out of a trance or can’t quite believe what she’s just done so well.

I’d actually recommend checking out the other performer’s work. There are. Some surprises there.

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