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Saw one live in Jakarta last year and it was amazing!
14-Dec-2020 02:55:39

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29-May-2024 18:13:26

Admittedly, I was quite emotional throughout the whole thing because it was probably the closest I've ever got to actually seeing the band live (apart from seeing Sharon during her TSS Tour in Australia). The tribute band, which included a well-known Indonesian singer and one of the country's best violinists, was part of an Irish Music Appreciation Night held at a bar in Jakarta, and there were two acts in total - one performing U2 songs and one performing Corrs songs. I managed to get an Irish friend of mine to go and watch, and she had so much fun the whole time smile.gif

One of the most notable things was that they performed the In Blue version of Radio instead of the Unplugged version, which really took me by surprise. Aside from that, I think the highlight for me was whenever they performed songs that were/are big hits in this part of the world, such as Don't Say You Love Me and All the Love In the World - I actually teared up when they performed the latter: (sorry for the quality!)

What didn't work? I could tell that most of the times they based their performance on the album versions of the songs instead of the live version - which was very evident when they performed The Right Time because the singer actually had to repeat the first vocal part because she didn't reach the right note. I remember thinking, "Ah, they should've performed the live version without the vocal part in the beginning."

As for having been in a Corrs tribute band, of corrs I don't play any instrument but I sort of manage one consisting of fellow Indonesian Corrs fans? I manage this YouTube channel containing videos of their covers, including Summer Sunshine which was recorded during quarantine this year. It all started with this video of Cooley's Reel, which we recorded for Sharon's birthday back in 2014, and from there making Corrs covers and putting them up on YouTube every year (usually on/around March 24 wink.gif ) has become sort of a tradition.

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