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Random thoughts on re-listening to JC
04-Jan-2021 10:32:51

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19-Jun-2024 01:14:00

I was listening to JC in the car recently, for the first time in a while. Some thoughts, some of which I may have mentioned here earlier, I don't remember:

1) JC has a more organic 'rootsy' acoustic sound, dominated by guitar/ukulele rather than keyboards. T-Bone Burnett, who produced JC, is known for his work in similarly rootsy acoustic music, such as the soundtrack for O Brother, Where Art Thou? I was wondering, did the Corrs choose Burnett as a producer because they wanted to go in this musical direction? Or were the pushed in this direction by Burnett? In other words, which was the cause and which was the effect? More broadly, I would love to know more about how artists choose producers, which is something I rarely hear discussed in interviews.

2. Caroline plays more distinctive drum beats than she usually does -- for example, on Butter Flutter and Season of Our Love, which are recognizable from just their drum patterns.

3. Sharon plays more long held violin lines, sometimes using double-stops (more than one note at a time). I wonder if this is because there are fewer keyboards on the album, so the violin takes the place of a strings/orchestra sound on a synth?

4. The album has cheery-sounding songs about serious topics -- e.g., SOS and the verses of No Go Baby. This is a long-time Corrs trademark -- e.g., Summer Sunshine.

5. I like almost all the songs on the album, but Son of Solomon and Dear Life really stand out to me as being stunningly beautiful and brilliant.

Have your feelings on JC changed in the time since it was released?

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