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.. artists pick a producer if they're going for a specific sound.

Though most of the times, it's the executive producer of the album [someone from the artist's label] and/or manager of the artist who will look for a producer. This could be for different reasons: they try to match the "right" producer to a certain song, or the producer is currently working on the specific label the artist is also signed to, but it can also be the songwriter who prefers a certain producer. Sometimes a song is already "ready-to-record" by the songwriter and producer and is sent to the label/artist as such.

In the case of JC, I have a feeling the band wanted it to sound a certain way and they thought T-Bone Burnett would make it work and approached him. And during the production he basically took the lead (like producers do) and applied "his style" to the songs/whole album.


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