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'Son of Solomon' and 'Chasing Shadows' remain my favourites...
07-Jan-2021 13:08:56

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19-Jun-2024 01:22:17 fact, they were the only two songs I bought to download on my phone and I often listen to them on the bus home from work.

'Son of Solomon' is very beautiful and tender. I use it as my morning alarm because of those first words "Early morning light, anyone awake?".

'Chasing Shadows' may in fact be my favourite. I can listen to it over and over. It's so catchy and I like the arrangement. Knowing that Sharon wrote it and has since gone through a divorce makes me think it may have been written from a very deep and truthful place. I think Andrea did a great job of telling the story through the song. And I like the rhythm instruments in it; they get my toes tapping.

'Dear Life' is pretty too - I like the main melody and the lyric "live like I'm losing and holding on for dear life". But I don't listen to it very often. Sometimes I catch myself singing a bit of 'SOS' too but I don't listen to it regularly.

I also think 'No Go Baby' and 'The Sun and the Moon' are beautiful songs, but after three years I still find them very emotionally heavy. I have to be in the right mood to listen to them.

The production was quite nice on this album, and I enjoyed hearing the band lean into a rootsier sound. Alas, most of the songs just didn't hook me like other classic Corrs songs.

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