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Chasing Shadows and other "outlier" songs
08-Jan-2021 21:15:49

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19-Jun-2024 00:17:36

Wendy, I also use Son of Solomon as my morning alarm. I like that it starts softly so it doesn't jolt me awake.

How do we know that Sharon wrote Chasing Shadows? (I'm not doubting you; I really want to know!) It doesn't sound like a typical Sharon song, although neither does it sound like an Andrea song. I suppose it's not surprising that it was written by the same person who wrote Ears Painted On and Love Me Better.

I am fascinated by the topic of songs that could be called "outliers" -- they don't sound like any other song by the band. I would put Chasing Shadows in this category, with its rootsy shuffling sound. Other examples (IMO) would be Borrowed Heaven with its artsy world music vibe, and FNF with its U2-style guitar riffs. By contrast, songs like Hopelessly Addicted or When He's Not Around sound more like other songs by the band. What other songs would people consider outliers in this way?

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