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Chasing Shadows, Son of Solomon, + outlier songs...
09-Jan-2021 23:51:40

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19-Jun-2024 00:24:52 answer your question Steve, it's possible that Sharon didn't write Chasing Shadows. I think some people here thought it sounded like a Sharon song and so I took it as gospel! Maybe it was Caroline! But it just has something 'Sharon' about it. I'm listening to it now, and am reminded how great it is (to my ears).

Ha, how funny that you use Son of Solomon as your morning alarm too, Steve! I also like that it gently eases me from sleep to wake!

The outlier question is a really good one!

I'm going to be controversial and say that 'Breathless' and 'Irresistible' are outlier songs to me (and they're some of my least favourite Corrs songs). They sound more country/rock/80s/overproduced and don't feel as organic, soft and warm as the sound that I associate with The Corrs.

While 'Borrowed Heaven' sounds different to other songs (given it's got an African choir in it), to me it is more Corrs-like because it's got more of that lush, organic sound that I mentioned.

Maybe that's just personal preference though!

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