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Outlier songs
10-Jan-2021 16:15:00

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18-Jun-2024 23:41:12

Agreed about Give It All Up being an outlier. To me it sounds more like an Ace of Base song than a Corrs song. I think it's the only Corrs song with a brass section (not counting songs with an orchestra or solo instruments like the trumpet in Old Town).

Borrowed Heaven sounds almost like a Peter Gabriel song to me, similar to In Your Eyes.

Breathless and Irresistible are interesting choices. I would not have thought of Breathless because it's the band's iconic song. But you are right; it has a country-rock feel that is unique among the Corrs songs. (I have mentioned that before I knew who the Corrs were, I thought Breathless was by the Dixie Chicks.) Irresistible sounds different, too, although I don't think I could quite put my finger on why.

Time Enough for Tears sounds nothing like a Corrs song to me, and of course it was not written by them. (I would have preferred that they left that song off the album and included Miracle instead.)

Ellis Island and Harmony could be considered outliers, too.

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