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Give It All Up and other outlier songs...
11-Jan-2021 10:01:41

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19-Jun-2024 01:07:02

Steve, that's a good point that 'Give It All Up' sounds like an Ace of Base song! 'Humdrum' is another song that has some solo trumpet at the start (fake trumpet I'm pretty sure).

And I see what you mean about 'Borrowed Heaven' sounding like it could be a Peter Gabriel song. 'Hopefully Addicted' has a bit of that worldly sound too in the verses.

I was a fan of The Corrs before they released 'Breathless', so I found it to be very different for them. It sounds far more American. Whereas I loved 'Give Me A Reason', which sounded more British or European.

I don't mind 'Time Enough For Tears' - but yes, it does sound like an outlier. I guess all the songs they haven't written themselves are outliers.

Yes, 'Ellis Island' and 'Harmony' have a far more Irish folk/cinematic sound. They remind me of the 'Home' album though.

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