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I read some of the comments, and she certainly has some fans that think she's amazing
09-Mar-2021 14:23:36

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22-Jan-2022 12:03:05

so more power to her for picking a Corrs song to cover.

I'll echo the opinions here though, I don't like her version.

I did click another of her videos on YouTube to see what her own music is like for comparison, I listened to this:

actually, I listened to that after I listened to this:

The latter caught my interest as I figured the production values would be turned down significantly compared to the Breathless cover, and there is a lot more emotion in there than in the first video where the overproduction, and presumably in an attempt to, and by warning, I'm going to sound like an old person here, sound cool / current.

This is always a problem I've had with pop music though, or perhaps just music in general.
Often recording and production is done to produce the cleanest and best version of a song, but for me the result is often the most clinical version of a song. Sometimes it's almost like the artists (and by that I'm including the end to end artists, writer, singer, producer etc.) want hide emotion, but it simply strips the song for me. I feel that's what is happening here.

Caroline Polachek clearly has an amazing vocal talent. She can do things with her voice that I don't even know where to start with. There are flips and yodels in there, and she does it in such a way that it fits into her music, then it gets cleaned up to an almost robotic state, and then it gets further synthesised almost sucking what's left of the 'human' sound out of there.

Of course, I'm not all that bothered as I don't like it in the first place :D

I'll leave you with this live performance (rather than the playback from previous posts) which is better, but still.... boring to me.


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