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Sharon on keyboards
10-Apr-2021 05:07:09

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01-Oct-2022 11:11:57

Sharon also plays keyboards live on White Light (see 1:22):

I think she's playing the high two-note synth part while Jim is playing the piano part.

I also remembered that Sharon appears to play keyboards live on Give Me a Reason (see 1:43):

It's hard to tell if she's actually playing or just holding her right hand near the keyboard. I think she's playing something, because that's not where she would usually hold her hand.

Another one I forgot: she also "plays" a short piano part live in Would You Be Happier (see 1:25):

She also does this in several other TV promo appearances. I'm pretty sure, though, that this is just miming. In videos of real gigs (VH1 Live in Dublin, Live 38 Amsterdam), there isn't even a keyboard set up for her. So I think this is just something they did for TV appearances to give Sharon something to do, since there is no violin part.

That's all the songs I know of where Sharon plays keyboards, as a member of the group. Anyone know of any others?

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