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12-Apr-2021 21:18:38

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Interestingly, Sweden (as a country) shares Jim’s views. In general terms re: COVID preventative measures.
We seem to be doing a better job “cancelling” those with whom we disagree politically than cancelling the disease.
Though the vaccines and treatments are doing the job.

First, Jim is an integral cog in the Corrs musical wheel. The Corrs are not the Andrews (oops make that the McGuire Sisters).
It is more than a family affair. Jim has immense writing, arranging and production skills. The whole is greater
than the sum of the parts but remove one part and....

Secondly, it is a family affair. Jim has been a “conspiracy guy” for a long time. The rest of the group have
made it clear they don’t agree with Jim on many issues and have noted they don’t agree with each other
just because they are a close knit family. They are outspoken. They just do a better job at avoiding controversy.

Thirdly, Jim has company. There’s a very long list of controversial and outspoken artists. Van Morrison and Eric Clapton have released political songs reflecting Jim’s general views. Others like Roger Waters and Bob Geldoff have openly expressed highly charged political views. D.H. Lawrence famously advised “trust the tale not the teller” so can we separate the artist from the art?

I just saw an interview where Tom Morello of “Rage Against the Machine” a highly outspoken political activist was actually “good friends” with Ted Nugent. You can’t find two more political and philosophically diametrically opposed individuals. Both activists. Yet it is about their respective integrity and talents as musicians that draws them together.

Finally, I personally wish most of Twitter etc would disappear. Actually, I cancelled much of it by just avoiding it. Sweden and Ireland have different approaches. Both have their dissenters but most importantly both respect freedom of speech and dissent.
I believe the Corrs music is far more important and enriching than a Twitter rant or one member’s personal beliefs. I certainly do not expect them to share all my beliefs let alone each others.

I agree, Sharon’s record will come out. Hopefully she can tour on it. Her producer is world class and there are phenomenal studio musicians who work with him (I expect some to be supporting her on the record). And hopefully, sometime later, the Corrs will get together and write some new music. And yes, hopefully that will keep Jim busy and off Twitter etc. If not though we and the media will be distracted and focus on the amazing artistry.

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