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Is there a video of Liberation anywhere? And more Caroline on piano...
15-Apr-2021 18:54:23

CorrsClub Time:
05-Dec-2021 21:20:12

Liberation is one of the songs that I have only heard from a very brief clip in All the Way Home, IIRC.

So that's another distinct song that Caroline has played keyboards on. That reminds me, she also plays piano on Mystery of You and Siog from their first RTE appearance, which I had forgotten about. There must be many others from the band's earliest days, before Caroline became the drummer.

The other song I was thinking of on which Caroline plays keyboards (piano) is the Long and Winding Road. This version from Comic Relief is the best one:

There's another version (I forget where it's from -- some outdoor festival) that is taken at too slow a tempo.

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