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Carpenters song-countdown/documentary that includes Jim and Andrea
25-Apr-2021 05:23:33

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01-Oct-2022 10:27:33

Hello! Last night I happened to notice a YouTube "related video" called 'The Nation's Favourite Carpenters Song." I played this video because I was curious to know what the favourite song is. It turned out that the video is a complete television show on the Carpenters that aired in the UK. It takes the form of a "Top 20" song countdown combined with a documentary that includes interviews of other musicians who played on the records or musical stars who count themselves among the fans of Richard and Karen Carpenter. I was surprised when - not far into this show - Jim and Andrea come onscreen.

Their comments are heard at several points throughout the show, and they mention how their mother and father used to perform the songs of the Carpenters.

I don't know when the show aired, but it may have been as long as 10 or more years ago. I suspect that this documentary has been discussed here before, but my friend Nightcat suggested that I share the video here, since there may be others like me who never had a chance to watch it before.

I won't give away the #1 song in the countdown, but I will say it came as somewhat of a surprise to me.

I grew up listening to the Carpenters. In earlier years as a Corrs fan, I recall being happy and impressed to discover that this Irish band from Dundalk with the great melodies also grew up with this music.

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