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I *loved* this Carpenters documentary!
04-May-2021 11:12:07

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05-Dec-2021 22:29:51

Thanks so much, Steverino, for posting this (and thanks to nightcat too). I remember someone posting on this board a while ago that Jim and Andrea were in this program, but I had never seen the entire show. It was absolutely fantastic.

I used to be a pretty big Carpenters fan, but I had not listened to their music recently. (Indeed, I haven't had much chance to listen to any music since the pandemic began.) It was great to rediscover their songs that I loved but had not heard in a while.

I like the 'top 20 countdown' format. I was thinking that there might be four or five songs that I really loved, and maybe another half dozen that I liked quite a bit. I was surprised that nearly every song was a favorite of mine. I think I had forgotten just how many incredible songs they had.

I would not have guessed the #1 song, which isn't one of my favorites, but I like that they didn't go with the obvious choices. (My favorites came in at #4 and #2.)

Watching this show inspired me to re-watch some Carpenters videos that I hadn't seen in years. It is such a pleasure to rediscover their wonderful and brilliant music.

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