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They came to Atlanta on that tour as well, and they later recalled the Atlanta show as very strange because
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29-Nov-2021 21:39:38

the people were all dressed up and sitting at tables and eating during the show (they didn't actually recall in the interview which city they were in, but I saw the tour dates where they opened for Celine and saw Chastain Park on the list). That is one of the unique aspects of Chastain Park Amphitheatre here in Atlanta...they have tables set up in front of the stage, and people that purchases those tables (for big bucks!!!) come dressed up (sometimes in tuxedos and evening gowns) and eat dinner during the show. They can bring the food however they a cooler, have it catered, and can even get served like they are in a restaurant....quite posh at times. The first time we were at Chastain (Melissa Manchester in the early 90s) were were pretty shocked at the differing atmosphere, with people sitting on blankets in the grass in the back and people eating dinner in tuxedos in the front.

Anyway, we were not Corrs fans at the time (did not hear of them until Breathless in 2000) so we did not go to the show, and other than Sharon's 2014 Same Sun tour stopping at the Variety Playhouse here in Atlanta (we did catch that show and got to meet her afterwards...I have the pictures and the setlist to prove it), the Corrs have not been back.

I am losing hope that I will ever get to see them live..even though we do realize travel will be required if they ever do tour again..

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