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26-Jun-2021 11:50:36

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22-Oct-2021 08:38:25

The DJ basically started off talking about how celtic-infused music became popular around the mid 90s, when The Corrs popped up in the scene, and they briefly discussed the early days of the band. The guest guy is a journalist that apparently went to the first gig The Corrs did in Spain, and he wrote a report about it. Then Sharon is asked about how aware they are that their music introduced people to the Irish/celtic world, and she went to say how much she loves living in Spain - the people, the food, the weather, Madrid - and the similarities she finds between the two countries, which she believes had a major impact in how The Corrs' music was received in Spain. The DJ then announced the new album will be released in October, with the single premiering on the 6th of June (that's the same day she'll do her first gig in Madrid).

After the break, a couple of listeners call in to ask for Corr's tracks to dedicate, and she talks a little bit about how she remembers a concert in Spain and how warm the audience was. That's pretty much it.

I'm really impressed by her spanish. I think it's very brave of her to be doing interviews without a translator.

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