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Bitter lyrics, which I like
06-Jul-2021 16:12:13

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22-Oct-2021 09:26:06

I love this new register that, sadly, Sharon has adopted as a way to release such a painful story. She is right to use art for that purpose instead of falling into the gossip pit scene (and as a Spaniard, I am sure she has been offered way more than she will earn with the album for going and come clean in a gossip TV program). So despite the bitter lyrics, it's classy of her to do this her way.

As I was listening to it, though... I couldnt help but imaging this same song in a much more up-tempo cocky way, but maybe it is because the lyrics remind me of Ears Painted On (which I am still sad for it not being in this album either).

I also felt into the spell of that outro!

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