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First Sharon concert in Madrid
06-Jul-2021 23:20:16

CorrsClub Time:
06-Dec-2021 22:17:19

Right back from Sharon's first gig of the 7-concert run she's doing un Madrid. All I can say is that she's on top of the game. The voice sounds as good as ever, if not better. The band was made of a guitar player, bass player, drummer and the lady herself. I'll elaborate further tomorrow or the day after, but it's been a 10/10. Absolutely fabulous.

Here's the set list:

The fool and the Scorpion
Smalltown boy
The runaround
Freefall (great new song! Very uplifting vibe)
The same Sun
Raindrops (with a cool violín pizzicato at the end)
Season of our love (yes!!)
Catch me when I fall (to be honest, better than the album version)
Mná na hÉireann
Take a minute
We could be lovers
So young
Cooley's reel/Joy of Life
Encore: Live before I die (massive YES!!)

The Corrs' songs were a very unexpected surprise, but she made them so her own. No violin on any of them though, she played the piano mostly. No complaints at all anyway!

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