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Really enjoying this song
07-Jul-2021 12:05:09

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22-Oct-2021 08:06:41

I like the moody vibe -- it reminds me somewhat of two of Sharon's songs on JC, Season of Our Love and The Sun and the Moon. It's quite different from her earlier songs like So Young.

Here's an interesting small moment: listen to the transition from the first chorus to the verse, particularly the bass. Start at 0:32, "The heavens they are weeping for my babies" (or something like that; I am also having trouble making out what Sharon is singing):

The song is in key of D minor. The verse ends on a D minor chord, which you hear under the word "babies" at 0:38. The chorus starts on the same D minor chord at 0:44, so the verse flows right into the chorus, as the chord is not changing.

Now listen to the transition from the second verse to the second chorus -- surprisingly, it's not the same as the first verse-chorus transition. Rather, there's a subtle change. Start at 1:26, "Now I need you to bleed out and dry to a dusty used to be" (??? -- this doesn't make sense, but that's what it sounds like to me, and that's what Wendy heard as well). Listen to the bass under the melody. Now instead of staying on the D in the bass, we go up to G (1:35), then B-flat (1:38), and that last note really builds tension and resolves strongly back to D minor at the beginning of the second chorus (1:41). So the verse is lengthened by one extra bar -- the extra bar with the B-flat that pulls you towards the chorus.

The transition from the third verse to the third chorus (2:26) is similar to the second verse-chorus transition, except the bass line is slightly different, and there's a violin line (2:33) that further pulls you into the chorus.

I think it's neat how the song builds in subtly different ways as it progresses..

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