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12-Jul-2021 16:34:18

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Well, first of all sorry for the delay. I've been busier than expected ever since I came back home from the concert, have had little time to sit down and write my memories of the day.

I'll begin with the place. It is a small jazz club located in the basement of a relatively quiet street in the centre of the city; the capacity of the room was something around 220 people (pre-pandemic) but due to the restrictions it was narrowed down to half of it. There were tables on the main space of the room, and sofas on the side of the stage. Only groups of 4 people maximum were allowed and the distance between tables was 2 meters approximately - the minimum safety distance was set at 1,5 meters when the pandemic started. Me and my friends were right behind the control desk, about 15 meters away from the stage and with a phenomenal view.

The concert started a bit later than scheduled - around 15 min behind, and Sharon was the last one to show up. As I said in the other message the band was a 4 piece band, with Doug Yowell on drums and programming (he played with her during The Same Sun tour), Fernando Curiel on electric and acoustic guitar, Alejandro Morlell on bass and herself mainly on piano and vocals, and occasionally picking up the violin. To be honest she played it much less than I would've liked to, although I'm not complaining at all. The concert was as good as it could've possibly been.

They went straight away to play the new single. After the live recording on that spanish radio station I had my doubts about her vocal delivery this time, but as soon as she opened her mouth to sing I was hooked. Wasn't expecting such a powerful start to be honest. It sounded so great that I was really excited for the rest of the evening. Then Radio and Smalltown boy, which were great too. Next came The Runaround, and she aced the "do do do do"'s at the end; not a single note out of tune, unlike the version recorded for that DVD in Brazil. I was a bit afraid that it'd be risky to sing that song but she proved me wrong.

Finally a new song on the setlist, and she introduced it in an absolutely perfect spanish little speech. She's got to a point where she speaks as she's in her element, and it pleases me so much to hear that. Anyway, the new song is called Free fall and has a very optimistic vibe to it, she played the piano on it. I wouldn't say uptlifting though, and there's a certain melancholy in it as well. But it was a nice new song for sure, very happy with what's coming out. I really hope the new record will have more songs in that same line.

After that she performed two beautiful renditions of The Same Sun songs: the title track, with Sharon at the piano, and a very similar take on Raindrops with an interesting "battle" at the end of the song between her guitarist and her, playing the main melody on guitar and violin - both plucking the strings. Apparently it was his idea (she said) and it worked really well.

And then, she sat at the piano and started playing the first chords of Season of our love. Wow. Just wow. I'm sure my face of surprise was massive! That's something I didn't see coming at all. That song on her voice suits her like a glove. In my head I've imagined a sort of duet with Andrea and I think I could die if that ever happens haha. She made it her own and it honestly was a perfect version of it.

Same thing happened with the next track, Catch me when I fall. I've never been keen on that song, to me it sounds artificial and dead on the record; it's usually the one I skip the most. But this time, she sat on the stage floor in a sort of lotus flower position, and started singing it. And her performance totally changed my view on the song. It was possibly the one that surprised me the most, because she made me like it. The twists and breaks she did with her voice were beautiful and added a lot to the melody. Really really loved her take on this one.

Without getting up, her guitar player sat next to her with the acoustic guitar and she invited us to sing the next song with her, as it was "something very familiar, I'm sure you'll know it". After a short intro the guy played the famous Blackbird chord sequence - yes, it was The Beatles song. If I remember right she made a couple of mistakes here and there, but we can forgive her, can't we? Hehe

The stunning Mná na hÈireann came next. It was the first time she played the violin, apart from the bridge of Radio and the pizzicatto at the end of Raindrops. It was incredible as usual. The guy on the guitar played this very long, dreamy notes that improved the general melancholy feel of the tune. The crowd exploded in applause once they finished playing it.

Take a minute followed. For me this was the lowest point of the evening, as it was just a nice song. Well played, well sung, but that's about it. We could be lovers came next, and again she aced it at the end when she sings "I think I already knew". Very powerful delivery.

Dreams and So young were the next numbers, and that was the sign that the show was coming to an end. The crowd was rather participative in these two songs, especially on So young with the clapping after the violin bridge. You could tell by the look on her face that she was happy that the night was being a success.

The "last" song was a medley between Cooley's reel and Joy of life, again with the crowd clapping and whistling and having fun. They said goodbye and moved backstage, while the people in the audience were demanding another one (¡Otra, otra!). And so they came out again to play Live before I die, which was a true gift from her. I missed the beautiful violin parts but the piano arrangement was so good that I forgot about it for a few minutes.

On a few songs they used the backing tracks, I'm guessing to make the sound a bit more full and prevent them from falling flat. They did use it on Raindrops and The runaround, for example.

Once the concert was over, she came out to say hi to a few people and after 10 minutes or so she went away. Couldn't get close enough to tell her anything but it was ok. Too many people demanding her attention!

And that was all. I'm really happy I got to see her, she's better than ever in my opinion. If you guys got the chance to come and see her, you won't be disappointed for sure.

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