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The rainy Nordic photoshoot...
19-Jul-2021 14:33:12

CorrsClub Time:
06-Dec-2021 22:52:09

Haha, that Summer Sunshine photoshoot was certainly the weirdest one.

Why are four siblings holding hands in sexy Greek-goddess inspired dresses in the rain, for a song about Summer Sunshine?

They look like an electro-pop band from Finland, competing in Eurovision.

It doesn't suit them or their music at all. And the girls look soooo uncomfortable.

And yet...I actually like it as a photo! Haha. I like the textures of the fabric in the outfits, the pastel colours and Jim's all-white ensemble with reindeer antlers.

It makes no sense for The Corrs, but it makes me smile!

Meanwhile, I'm racking my brain wondering what the caveman photoshoot was!

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