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26-Jul-2021 01:16:41

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22-Oct-2021 09:02:36

Yes, I'm not sure where Sharon would have been photographed in a desert. Maybe if she was recording in LA, they could have done a photoshoot inland somewhere, but you're right, there are certainly more beaches around Ireland than desert!

I have been wrong about photos in the past though. For years, I thought that the photoshoot from the Forgiven Not Forgotten album cover was done in Ireland. I thought the back cover image (where Andrea is sitting on the ball) was shot on a jetty or other surface by the sea. It was only a couple of years ago that I learnt that the photos were taken in LA, and that photo in particular was taken on top of a building in LA.

As for the 'caveman' photos - ha, I remember that video of the shoot, with the voluminous hair! Not sure if I ever saw the still images from the shoot, but I remember the behind-the-scenes.

Indeed, there were odd photoshoots from that time, but I'm glad they experimented! In the end, I liked the cover of the Borrowed Heaven album for the most part. They seem to suit wearing black clothing with textures.

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