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Freefall - first impression
20-Aug-2021 10:28:58

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28-May-2022 04:31:07

I've only had a chance to listen to Freefall a couple of times, and not carefully. I really like this song!

Here are some first thoughts. Many of the things that caught my attention were things that Wendy pointed out already.

1) The verse starts out on a I - IV chord progression, which is probably the most common chord change in pop/rock music, and so far the song sounds pretty conventional. But then in the pro-chorus ("‘Coz I am broken, I am clearer..."), the chords suddenly start changing much more quickly (each chord lasts only 1/4 as long as in the verse), and the progression is not an obvious one. That was quite striking.

2) In the chorus, the drum beat changes from the usual backbeat (kick drum on beats 1 and 3, snare on 2 and 4) to a beat with snare on every beat. That changes the feel of the song noticeably.

3) I like the final chord, which Wendy also pointed out. It's a major chord where I would have expected a minor chord, ending the song on brighter-sounding feel. (I believe this is called a "Picardy third".)

4) Although I'm not sure I could say why, the song as a whole reminds me of the Beatles around the Rubber Soul era. I'm can't quite put my finger on which song in particular; maybe "Girl"?

5) I concur with this impression by Wendy: "'Freefall' oscillates between confusion, anger, acceptance, and freedom (especially on the final major chord)."

Looking forward to listening some more when I have a chance.

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