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Why wait so long to release the album?
20-Aug-2021 14:10:24

CorrsClub Time:
06-Dec-2021 22:33:45

The title track was released in July, and the second single in August. Why does the record company wait until September 24 to release the entire album? It would make more sense to me to release it now, while there is excitement for the singles.Or release it when she was playing live gigs, so she could sell the album at the gigs. (Do people still buy CDs? I do, but I'm old.)

Maybe the album release is tied to Sharon's schedule; perhaps she is free to do promo at that time. But in that case, why not wait to release the singles closer to the album release date? It seems strange to have such a long delay between the singles and the album being released. I presume there is some business reason why it is done this way, but I don't understand it. Can someone explain?

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