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It's frustrating, hey? I suspect they want to drip feed content...
21-Aug-2021 03:30:42

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06-Dec-2021 22:13:03

I think it's a business decision. It builds interest and makes the album release seem like a big 'event'. A lot of musicians do it that way. Release a few singles first, try to reach as many people as possible around the world, get fans to pre-save the album on the streamers, get press interested. Service different markets.

Notice that she is steadily dropping content. Single, lyric video, single, lyric video (or some kind of video coming soon). It gives people time to listen to the single, and then once attention wanes, there's a video out. And it takes people a few impressions before they invest time into paying attention to something. So, for the average person who is sitting on the fence, they'll see little mentions here and there on the internet, and by the time the album comes around, they'll be more curious/willing to listen.

The shows in Spain may have been done to build excitement and test some of the new songs on live audiences. (They were in smaller venues, right?). It's also a way of announcing "she's back, she's current". Also, it looks like the upcoming video for Freefall was taken from a live show. I assume Sharon will have more performances after the album comes out.

But some of it could be related to the school year. The Spanish school year begins in September, apparently. (In Australia it begins in January).

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