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First episode of The Corrs Cast!
25-Aug-2021 11:12:21

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06-Dec-2021 21:21:51

Has anyone else listened to The Corrs Cast yet? (Created by fellow board member Baxterianism).

I'll repeat here what I told him on Facebook, with some rewording.

I thought the podcast was lovely, and I found Baxterianism's voice calming!

It was so refreshing to go on a deep dive and discover new stories that we Corrs nerds haven't heard before (or at least, that I haven't heard before). For example, how David Foster rarely works with bands, and how Simon Phillips loves Celtic music. I hadn't heard of Michael Thompson the guitarist, so it was interesting to hear him discuss the level of production the band had already done on the tracks. He tells a funny story about seeing Andrea for the first time!

For those with access to Netflix, I recommend watching the David Foster documentary, because it gives further background and weight to some of the comments Michael makes about David in the podcast. He briefly mentions how David can be controlling, and therefore how remarkable it was that David didn't rework The Corrs' demos too much. David's controlling aspect is explored in depth in the documentary (especially around his work with Chicago) - so it just shows how good The Corrs were from the start that David didn't meddle too much.

What has everyone else learnt from the podcast?

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