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I grew up in the 80s, and I remember albums coming out about a month after the lead single
05-Sep-2021 07:59:17

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22-Oct-2021 09:43:39

I checked a couple of examples in wikipedia to see if my memory was correct:

Peter Gabriel released "Sledgehammer" on 21 April '86, and the album "So" was released on 19 May.

Paul Simon released "You Can Call Me Al" on 5 September '86, and the album "Graceland" was released on 25 August.

The Police released "Every Breath You Take" on 13 May '83, and the album "Synchronicity" was released on 17 June.

Michael Jackson released "The Girl is Mine" on 18 October '82, and the album "Thriller" was released on 30 November.

These are just examples off the top of my head. So it does seem like the lead single would come out a month before the album, with the exception of Graceland, which actually came out before the lead single.

I guess it makes sense that if music revenue today is driven more by streaming individual songs rather than album sales, that there would be a longer delay to allow time for the single to accumulate more streams/downloads.

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