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05-Sep-2021 14:38:17

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Well the article is from 2013.
I think the salient point is Foster obviously forgot Jim did, as you note, get an actual credit.
Foster would have allowed or given that credit.
However he gives him a contemporaneous credit years later and is rather effusive in his praise.

I don’t know who’s coming up in your series. A tribute to you given I am anxious to hear more!

As for Flom. He’s an interesting guy. Bob Lefsetz has an in depth interview with him. As I recall not
much if any, mention of the Corrs in that discussion. Flom has an impressive record for recognizing talent. So in effect, it is really Flom who gets the Corrs ball rolling. Great talent scout sends a great group to a great producer is the takeaway. I doubt Foster off the top of his head is slighting Flom. (Or the Corrs). If Jason wants Foster to meet and listen to an artist there is an assumption that Flom sees someting special talent wise.

As for Foster and the Corrs. We rely on your excellent interview with Michael Thompson. Nice to hear from a truly great session player who is a bit under the radar. And nice you “found” him for this insight.

I had no idea the Corrs parents were with them. I haven’t heard any of the group mention this. Did I hear that correctly? lol
Also the issue of producers and bands vs individual artists. Even where the artist is a group, Producers mostly deal with one or two key talents within the group. Singers and songwriters are the focus. David Foster’s greatest talent is taking a great singer(s) and putting together great songs and amazing talent to make hit songs. The arrangement and vocals, lead and background on “Someday” are breathtaking.
After the 70’s most hit songs and successful artists are solo performers not groups.
The interesting thing about the Corrs, IMOP, is they tend to operate as a single unit. For example, a favorite of mine “Texas” is a terrific group but Sharleen drives the success of that band. You can’t take Mick and Keith or John and Paul away! The Corrs do share the musical “load” more evenly than most “groups/bands.” No wonder, as you show, Foster latches on to Jim as the key. Jim is a kind of musical glue for them.

Finally, One very noteworthy comment emerged from Mr Thompson for me at least. Andrea’s vocal enunciation of “Closer” I find her to be an immensely interesting singer. One of the few really good pieces of journalism on the Corrs is an early Guardian (I think) piece wherein the writer notes Andrea’s breaking up the word “aching” into “ach….ing” as sung. (“What will it Take…”).
Her Thompson is revealing and helps confirm my belief she is a cerebral vocalist who consciously crafts her vocals.

Anyway, I am rambling on. Sorry. Your podcast is refreshing given a dearth of intelligent discussion about what I believe is an incredibly interesting musical group, and set me thinking! Look forward to more!

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