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I agree! That was excellent, Simon. Well done and thank you.
06-Sep-2021 17:41:16

CorrsClub Time:
06-Dec-2021 21:52:25

It is fascinating to hear from these musicians who contributed to Forgiven Not Forgotten... to hear their recollections and get a feel for the respect they have for how the Corrs conducted themselves while in Malibu recording that first album. It's remarkable to learn of Jim's well-organized commitment and vision during the production. It's an enthralling "rags to riches" story of the band going from rehearsing and recording demos in the room of a neighborhood house to working with some of best and most renowned in the recording industry. I got a kick out of the story of Michael Thompson passing Andrea along the road while driving up to the studio!

I'm looking forward to the future interviews. Simon, your podcast will be a valued resource for fans. You did a great job with these interviews.Thank you.

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