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You know, I didn’t consciously notice this. It was the haunting piano figure that grabbed me. This is another wonderful attribute the Corrs music employs. They incorporate unexpected breaks, often classical music based or styled. Suspect Sharon the “culprit” here The violin in “Long Night” Eastern European/Hungarian flavored etc.

Anyway, I at first chalked up any oddities in Andrea’s vocal enunciation to her Irish accent. We say “um” they say “em” lol
Clos—ER listening reveals she often makes offbeat (read interesting) choices in line and word breaks. Not melisma as a convention ie opera or gospel or an affectation a la many current pop singers. Rather, as revealed in the pod cast, she is looking to add “interest.” Her phrasing is certainly interesting and often subtle. She sings from within the song if that makes sense, pulling you into it.

She also rarely performs a song exactly the same way all the time. You can almost read her state of mind on stage. On record, the best producers for Andrea especially are the producers who are known for their attention to and expertise with recording vocals. Foster certainly and Mutt Lang etc.

By the way Sharon chose a truly great producer of vocals..especially female singers, Larry Klein for her latest record.
And his favorite guitarist a legendary studio master TimPierce!

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