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Thank you so much for your ‘rambling’ your comments are really insightful and …
07-Sep-2021 09:07:58

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06-Dec-2021 22:37:40

Show your understanding and deep respect for the subject. Thank you for taking the time to listen and engage with the episode content so fully and do please ramble more!

It’s been really reassuring to read your comments and know that other interviews will be touching on so much of what you’ve discussed and will hopefully expand the community discussion on these points.

Regards the parents being with them. This was totally new information to me also. We were led to believe in the ‘Something in the meantime’ (Later used for ‘All the way Home’) documentary that they were flying off without their parents to fly the nest.

I’m certainly glad they had the very present support of Jean and Gerry through their first large adventure together.

I do hope to have the possibility of some podcast episodes having a number of fans on to discuss!

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