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Interesting if subtle revelations…
29-Sep-2021 07:56:04

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01-Oct-2022 10:47:27

Difficult to comment because we don’t know what’s coming! The suspense makes up for it. Lol
These are pieces of the puzzle.
Ryan is an interesting if somewhat limited subject given his observer’s role in the making of the record.
He hints at the problems “juggling” the Corrs many facets. Pop, traditional, rock, folk etc.
I believe this is pivotal in understanding the band and foretells their future in music.

He does confirm that Jim is pivotal in the band given his production savvy and clear eyed vision for the group.
Also a testament to Jim’s assertive and yet diplomatic firm hand dealing with some industry heavyweights.
The group’s focus and work ethic are also noted.

Clearmountain (and no idea if he was a “get” in this series) given his active hand in the actual sound of the record
could be a very interesting subject. I have heard several interviews (Warren Huart for eg) Bob has quite a history with the Corrs.
We’ll see what you have up your sleeve!

So far…….so good!

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