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It might be my favourite record of hers
30-Sep-2021 17:04:57

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01-Dec-2021 22:26:53

The message of the songs is very clear, and she's been very brave to pour all her anger out and record these tunes. At times she sounds extremely fragile, the kind of fragility of someone who has undergone a good amount of pain and heartache. When I listened to "Lend me your shoulder" for the first time I instantly thought that song might be the most vulnerable song she might have ever recorded. I love when an artist is not afraid of expressing his or her emotions, whatever the outcome is.

As a whole it is quite laid back and slow tempo other than the 3 singles - but that's her style and she masters it, I don't mind it. Some of the tracks she's got in the vault, i.e. Ears Painted On or Six Train, would have been a nice surprise as bonus tracks but I understand they are way too far, theme wise, from the subject matter of this record. Still would love to hear them one day proper.

I'd say there is one or two tracks that are somewhat weak and I'm not too keen on them but overall my rating is very positive. As some of you have noted, there's a natural progression from the sound on "The Same Sun" and Larry Klein has managed to capture a very raw and organic vibe. Very Joni Mitchell-ish indeed. Actually there are a couple of songs that could very well be sung by Joni and you wouldn't notice any difference. Her voice here is clear and so expressive and beautiful! Looking back and comparing it to her other two albums this is the one that feels more calm yet powerful. She's definitely standing her own ground.

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