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Need this in vinyl
01-Oct-2021 17:05:57

CorrsClub Time:
01-Dec-2021 23:26:49

My liking for this record grows every time I listen to it. It is one of those few records that still nowadays tell a story from the first to the last song. In a world of high def images and autotuned songs, this record feels refreshingly old fashioned, organic like a concert in a small venue kind of.

I have to say that I like way more the edgy angry songs rather than tunes like "Tease Me" or the chorus in "Under a Daylight Moon", and that is why I also think "Ears Painted On" should have been really cohesive here (maybe not for the story she wanted to tell though). Besides the singles, I really really like "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter"; it feels epic and it could only have been better by progressing into a longer piece with an instrumental outro playing for several minutes.

Overall, I do really like this record, much more than the first two ones. So yep, I need this in vinyl!

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