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What questions would you ask Caroline?
18-Oct-2021 11:15:07

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22-Jan-2022 13:01:38

I just listened to this interview tonight, and I enjoyed it. I've heard only one other long solo interview with Caroline, who is not interviewed nearly as much as Andrea and Sharon. I particularly liked hearing her thoughts on managing her career while being a parent, and on how the band got back together for White Light.

Punky wrote, "The interviewer asked Caroline several questions which I would have loved to have asked her". First, it's great to see a long-time member back on the board. I was curious what other questions you'd ask? Some things I would ask, off the top of my head:

What is your role in writing songs for the band? Do you primarily write the music or the lyrics or both? Whom do you most often collaborate with? Are there any songs written entirely by you? (Miracle?)

Have you ever considered doing a solo record?

How did you keep up your drum chops during the long hiatus? On the newer albums you play some drum patterns that are quite different from those in earlier songs (e.g., Season of Our Love, I Do What I Like). How did you come up with these distinctive beats?

How do you choose a producer for an album? What qualities do you look for?

How did you come up with the idea to open gigs during the WL tour with a drum solo?

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