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A question I would’ve asked Caroline….
19-Oct-2021 00:09:47

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22-Jan-2022 12:17:51

Steve, thanks for responding to my response! smile.gif I have not left this board - I check it nearly every day and have done so for nearly 20 years - but I just rarely have anything to contribute!

Now that a day has passed since listening to the podcast episode, I have forgotten which questions I would ask, for the most part! However, I particularly liked when Caroline was asked about how she felt during the initial Royal Albert Hall concert in 1998 - I have always wondered how she felt about that pivotal moment in The Corrs history. I still remember how I felt when the VCR tape of that concert arrived and how absolutely transfixed I was when I watched the concert the first few times!

I also enjoyed hearing Caroline’s retelling of how she became the drummer in the band - it is also an important series of events for those of us who love the band!

Hmmm…maybe I’ll have to listen to this interview again!

Steve, you’ve thought of some excellent questions, too! I’d definitely like to know the answers to them!;

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