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19-Oct-2021 20:07:47

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19-Jul-2024 05:59:29

Interesting to think of what questions would be good to ask. As expected, Steve has thought of a good batch.

I think I'd ask whether she'd played, or considered playing, fun gigs during the band hiatus. (I've read that quite a few members of famous bands do small club covers band type gigs, with friends, for fun, during their band's downtime).

On that tack, I'd also ask whether she would consider contributing some percussion to a future Corrs Club Band project! (How cool would that be!).

Having conversations with folks in gigging bands over the years, questions that always arise are -

What is the worst venue you've ever played, (and why is it the worst).

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened at one of your gigs.

Sometimes those conversations are beyond Spinal Tap.

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