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Nice interview
21-Oct-2021 15:09:30

CorrsClub Time:
22-Jan-2022 11:56:07

Thanks for posting the link.
Nice to see the differences in personalities between the siblings.
Caroline comes across as the most easy going. Infectious laugh, open and seemingly easy to talk with.

My nit pic would be a bit of awkwardness on the part of the interviewer.
He struggles with the Band’s historical timeline. His questions sometimes meander and
the interview lacks some focus. It comes across as a nice “chat.”

Some interesting observations though. Caroline’s view of the role of drums/percussion in the band context.
Clearly she contributes to their creative process via piano and voice in writing songs. They all have such strong innate
musical talent that one can see why they share writing credits equally. Their way of working is very democratic and they don’t get bogged down with who wrote or played what.

There are a series of YT videos of various Corrs talking about how specific songs were created and the inspiration behind the writing and arranging. Basically, one or two start things off and the others join in.

As for her drumming Caroline confirms the use of a click track. Her live drum sound is shaped and controlled by their FOH mixer.
She is not a trained technical drummer. It is amazing to me how she has developed her style and sound basically on her own.

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