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The heart of the matter?
21-Oct-2021 16:11:51

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22-Jan-2022 13:08:50

Interesting take aways.
Sparked some thinking on my part.
I am anxious to get to the next episode!

Anyway, I think we have to be a bit cautious. Ryan is more a sort of fly on the wall.
He was not a key participant and certainly not a decision maker.
The issue here is really a key to figuring out the Corrs.

I think you were correct the first time. The traditional aspect to the music was important. It was viewed as
important. David Foster believed it was the “fusing” of pop/rock with the Celtic flavor that made the band interesting.
It was apparently Foster who proposed using Bill Whelan on Erin Shore. It defies logic that the Corrs were a “vanity” project.
The context is, Foster had just been given his own label by Atlantic. He was not about to record one of the very first groups he signed as a money losing charity project.

Ryan cites the problem in noting the difference when he later worked on traditional Irish music.
The Corrs were creating a hybrid trad/pop/rock. This I believe was and is Jim’s vision.

Jim sequenced the music on the “bedroom” demo. It was basically written.
Foster (with Jim’s input) re recorded everything.
Clearmountain’s task was not easy. How to incorporate two styes of music and make the tracks flow for the listener.
Moving from a pop rock feel to traditional folk music just doesn’t work for fans of either.

You simply can’t have a traditional Irish folk piece followed by “Someday” etc.

The only real fusion effort was and is Toss the Feathers. Witness how later bands recorded rock driven versions and the fact that it became a Corr’s signature song. I believe this is a reason Foster brought in Phillips. A premier rock drummer.
Caroline subsequently picked up Phillips part and made it her own.

In the end though, this all begs the question: who were the Corrs?
Pop? Rock? Traditional? Folk rock fusion?

Interestingly, their live sound designer was tasked by the band to “make the show more rock and roll”
Bono was quoted as saying the Corrs were one of the loudest bands he’d ever heard.

Who were the Corrs?

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