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02-Nov-2021 15:11:33

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28-May-2022 04:06:36

Another enjoyable and informative interview.
This one definitely goes deeper into the recording of the record given the level of involvement of the subject.

This series adds to the enjoyment of going back and listening to the album with the insights.

I am still a surprised that the Corr’s parents were apparently on scene throughout.
Not sure this was ever mentioned before. A bit odd. A minor detail though.

The record does create a nice consistent atmosphere and the Celtic interludes work beautifully setting that mood and
transitioning the songs.

It is a tribute to all involved, that this record has such a wonderful warm analog, organic feel while so much of it is synthesizer based.
Also often overlooked (and a big part of that organic feel) is Sharon’s violin work.
I am not so much referencing her playing traditional Celtic style but rather her breaking away from the role of “”fiddler” to violinist where she creates some beautiful melodies and riffs. I believe she often creates and plays what would often be lead guitar parts in many songs.
I see Jim as a rhythm guitar player (an extremely good one) with Anto and Sharon often acting as leads. Sharon on “Someday” actually shreds on that violin.

Finally, after listening to the interview, listening to the album all the way through affords a greater appreciation for just how good it really is and the actual construction of each song.
These interviews open the window wider and wider letting the music in.

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