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Great episode, as always. Couple of questions on the music clips...
14-Dec-2021 13:30:47

CorrsClub Time:
19-Jul-2024 04:13:43

1) There was a clip of Cooley's Reel. Was this a demo for Dream of You? It sounds quite different from the album version, with a slower tempo and the melody differing by a few notes near the end of the phrase.

2) There was also a clip of Love to Love You. It was interesting to hear this version, which has a tin whistle part under the chorus that I don't hear in the album version (it may have been replaced by a synth melody). This version does not sound like the version from A Family Christmas (the 1994 RTE show), which featured Jim at the piano rather than the guitar for the part of the song we hear here. Was this also a demo version?

Keep up the brilliant work! I always look forward to hearing new episodes.

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