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31-Jan-2022 16:37:59

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20-Jun-2024 08:40:56

Another piece (the largest yet) to the puzzle,
The portrait by Andrea is a pleasant surprise….she draws too! lol

Also, if there’s a theme or thread running through the series, it is the role of Jim Corr as the architect and the visionary.
Important given the fact that the Corrs are greater than the sum of the parts ( critical to any great musical effort)
you’ve done a nice job portraying Jim’s role..

Reitzas paints a nice picture. There were a number of contributions large and small to this record. It is interesting given the level of talent working on this that apparently any tension or creative disputes were non existent or at a minimum.
In the end this is a beautifully recorded work…expected with Foster, Jim (and their engineers) getting superlative performances and add two legends Bob Clearmountain and Bob Ludwig mixing and mastering…..

Again. Well done.
Look forward to more pieces of this beautiful puzzle

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